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fuse 05-06-2006 10:53

Volvo 360GLT Turbo '87 & Volvo 360GL Turbo '86
Hi! Found link to here from and I registered, though I can't write in your language, but I'll understand some of it.. :P Well I'll write in english.

I have a -87 360 GLT Turbo, I bought it two years ago and it already had turbo in it etc... I have been slowly maintaining and fixing it and now everything starts to be in good order. Engine room was a mess when I bought it. The car wasn't clearly been with a good maintainance before as I had to replace almost every normal part which can wear out somewhow.. :P Engine it self was in a good condition though, just all the little bits were worn out and the engine room was full of dirt.

If someone's interested, it has a B200E with LE-Jetronic and it has also a fifth injector which comes on under boost and it is controlled by ERL E617 injector controller. Pics: fueler/ Not so modern system but hey the car was turboed at somewhere late 80's so no Megasquirts were around back then.

I'm currently running ~0.4-0.5bar boost because I don't have an intercooler yet and I don't want to destroy anything with detonation. About the bottom end I don't know if it has pistons from turbo engine as I don't know much about the car's history.

I have changed adjustable Koni Specials at the back shocks, there are also double leafs for stiffening. Front is stock I presume, it's hard to find adjustable sets for front. I was lucky even to find those Konis for back from a local auction site. Though this one guy in England who is manufacturing and selling adjustable Spax rear dampers for 300-series is going to make adjustable front dampers too in somewhere near future so maybe I'll buy those if the price isn't too high.

There are the pics :

I bought it at 2004 so 2004 engine pics are old, engine room isn't that messy anymore. :P

-86 360GL Turbo is actually my father's car but as I do all the maintainance and he doesn't write to online forums, I thought that I might put some info of it too. :P It has been in our family for over 10 years now, we bought it from ex Volvo mechanic. GL was turboed at the dealer when it was new. They used the R-Sport turbo kit meant for 200-series and modified it a bit. Biggest difference is the carburettor. Pressurized Stromberg which comes with the R-Sport kit has been replaced with much better turbo carb. Weber 32DAT. Engine block in GL is B200K so turbo pistons had to be changed to lower the compression ratio. I think there's also some headwork done to it. It's also running ~0.45 bar of boost as it has also no intercooler, though it is surprisingly fast car with such low boost. Much faster than my GLT. It's a shame that the bodywork of GL isn't in such a good shape anymore.. 20 years of Finland's winters have left it's marks.. Kinda badly rusted in some areas, but we are keeping it because nobody would pay much about it and I have some plans to make it my project car somewhere in future. :P

GL has been lowered few cents at the back with lowering blocks. There are some pics of GL

That's about it. If anyone has some questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer. :P



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ivan141 05-06-2006 11:43

Nice to have you here.. I have a turbo engine that I have been wanting to drop into my 360 for a while now.. nice to see a couple of ways of doing it..

FYI: login on there are some red koni front shocks for sale for around 10 euro's! I wish I knew that when I bought mine...

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