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Oud 28-01-2019, 00:23
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Five cars that have left their reputations behind…

Ah yes, the Volvo 300 series. It’s an old man’s car, right? Normally seen with National Trust stickers in every window and parking dings on every panel. Even when it was new it was seen as a slow, ungainly, awkward machine. This was a car squaring up (no pun intended) to the likes of the Escort, Golf and Astra. It was never going to come out on top, despite being safe and largely practical. As such, the 300 series Volvo was never seen as anything other than a car bought in poor taste and/or by people who were older than dust.
Then it all changed. The youth realised something – the Volvo 300 series is actually pretty well built. Also, the transaxle gearbox at the back setup made for good weight distribution and, what’s that, the Renault 1.8 16-valve engine drops straight in? Yes, the Volvo has all the underpinnings of cool from the off, we just never saw it. We do now though, and as such, this once deeply misunderstood car is enjoying a motoring renaissance of sorts.
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Oud 28-01-2019, 08:10
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Hear, hear!
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Oud 29-01-2019, 16:47
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Cheap as dirt, that's why.
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